ACQ Computer-Based Queue Management System

A Consultants offers Queue Management System to assist our customers in effectively managing queuing traffic. Our system provides real-time information to management, enabling them to enhance customer satisfaction, proactively address issues, and optimize counter resource allocation. The implementation of a Queue Management System is crucial for institutions seeking to elevate their service standards. We specialize in building queue systems for the following applications: clinics, hospitals, schools, service centers, repair centers, and banks.


Banks and Financial Institutes


Schools and Educational Centers

Public Service

Public Service and Government Departments

Service Center

Service Centers and Repair Centers


Pharmacies, Hospitals and Medical Centers


Our Service for Queuing System:

  • Study customer's queuing requirement
  • Design the best queuing solution based on our robust queuing system
  • Advice customer for hardware equipment and cabling
  • Installation and setup
  • Technical and Operational Training